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  • 1 Pack - Only $11.99

    Your Choice of:

    Blackity Blackseed & Lemongrass Purifying
    Relax Yo Self Moisturizing
    Golden Glow Raw Shea Butter
    Baby Got Patch Detox
    It’s Electric! Clarifying
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  • 3 Pack Assorted - Self Care - Only $32.37

    Your Choice of:

    Oats, Patchouli and Peppermint Pack
    Charcoal, Peppermint and Citrus Pack
    Shea, Lemongrass and Citrus Pack
    Lemongrass, Lavender and Citrus Pack
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  • 5 Pack Assorted - Family - Only $53.95

    5 Pack Includes All Natural Quality Handcrafted Soap Fragrances:

    Blackity Blackseed & Lemongrass Purifying | Qty. 1
    Relax Yo Self Moisturizing | Qty. 1
    Golden Glow Raw Shea Butter | Qty. 1
    Baby Got Patch Detox | Qty. 1
    It’s Electric! Clarifying | Qty. 1
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Our Collection

Soap So Fresh Brand - All Natural Premium - Handcrafted Soap Bar

All-Natural Healing Ingredients

Soap So Fresh Brand Soaps Crafted with

Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal

Activated coconut shell charcoal is known for its ability to draw out impurities and toxins from the skin, making it a sought-after ingredient in cleansing soaps.

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Soap So Fresh Brand Soaps Crafted with

Shea Butter

Shea butter is rich in vitamins and fatty acids, making it excellent for moisturizing and smoothing the skin.

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Soap So Fresh Brand Soaps Crafted with

Olive Oil

Olive oil is valued for its gentle and nourishing properties, making it suitable for sensitive skin. It provides moisture and helps maintain skin’s elasticity.

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Soap So Fresh Brand Soaps Crafted with

Collodial (Ground) Oatmeal

Colloidal Oatmeal helps moisturize dry skin, soothe itchy skin, and helps relieve eczema flare-ups.

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Soap So Fresh Brand Soaps Crafted with

Coconut Oil

Known for its moisturizing and cleansing properties, coconut oil helps create a rich lather and leaves the skin soft and hydrated.

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Infused Essential Oil

We use premium, all-natural essential oils in our soaps because your skin deserves the best.When you have soap that’s all natural and made from essential oils like jasmine, bergamot, peppermint, and orange, your skin ain’t gonna have much to complain about.