About Us

Our story begins with a vision to liberate you from the   basic, offering you more than just soap- it’s the groove   you’ve been missing. Four men set out on a mission to   create a business that transcends the mundane and fell   in love with the freshness that is Soap So Fresh. Inspired   by the vibrant beats of hip-hop and soulful melodies of   neo-soul, our brand is a nod to nostalgia, crafting a   journey that resonates from within. Our commitment goes beyond natural and organic soaps; it’s about empowering your skin and uplifting each other through our Rise Up Initiative. We invite you to indulge in the Soap So Fresh experience—crafted with honesty, celebrating culture, and speaking directly to the confident, intentional woman you are. Join us as we redefine skincare, making every wash a soulful, liberating experience. At Soap So Fresh, we’re not just setting the bar; we’re setting the movement. Embrace your freshness, embrace your groove—and welcome to the revolution in skincare.

Rise Up: Elevating Black Business

We envision a world where the brilliance of the Black community shines brightly and unapologetically. We are on a mission to empower and uplift Black voices, businesses, and dreams, breaking through barriers and reaching new heights of success.

Our commitment is more than a statement; it’s a movement. We passionately believe in providing the tools, support, and opportunities needed to propel Black entrepreneurs forward. With a focus on collaboration, innovation, and resilience, we aim to create a thriving ecosystem where dreams can flourish and barriers can crumble.

Every purchase you make with us is a step towards a brighter, more inclusive future. A portion of each purchase goes towards our mission of empowering and uplifting Black entrepreneurs. We contribute a percentage of every soap bar sold to a fund dedicated to fueling Black Business. This fund provides opportunities for collaboration with brand strategists and marketers, helping these businesses elevate their brand and craft effective marketing campaigns.

Join us in this inspiring journey toward a future where Black excellence knows no bounds. Explore how we’re making a lasting impact and discover how you can rise with us.

Together, We Elevate. Together, We Rise.

Our Team

Our Dedicated Team of Professionals are here to Serve You

  • Abdur-Rahim Shaheed

    Abdur-Rahim Shaheed is a long-time Atlanta resident, a 40-year sales and marketing vet, and the co-founder of True Products; which manufactures and distributes several types of laundry products domestically and globally and has been featured in both print and audio-visual media. After serving in the U.S. Military, he started several businesses, including selling clothing wholesale and running multiple Paradise Fish and Chicken restaurants; operating them profitably for years before selling them. An enthusiastic traveler, with a focus on global revenue; Abdur-Rahim founded Midway International Trading Company. Through this venture, he acquired government contracts and distributed poultry and eggs to both the US Department of Defense and the State of Georgia. However, he considers entrepreneurship secondary to community and family. Coaching Little League baseball and basketball are his greatest accomplishments; and he believes–whether in life or in business–in being guided by the principles of hard work, proper preparation, discipline, and a sense of purpose.

  • Abdus S. Ra’oof

    Abdus S. Ra’oof’s experience began in sales and credit management with Firestone Tires—with a narrow focus on whatever his clients needed.

    That drive switched his focus from tires to housing. As Birmingham Urban League Project Manager and Housing Coordinator, he was the director of Training Programs and the primary Job Developer; assisting individuals in locating Section 8 housing while yet providing counseling for home ownership. He consulted with employers to secure jobs for people with low to moderate income, undereducated individuals, and seniors seeking work.

    Today, as President/Owner of Shaheed’s Construction Company, Inc—and as a General and Utility Contractor and project supervisor—he is a builder, rehabilitator, and renovator of homes; working directly with local and state governments across the South. Abdus Ra’oof still remains narrowly focused on contracting, management, supervision, sales, and community building—operating with physical and moral aptitude; and the highest levels of integrity.

  • Rashid Rashad

    Rashid Rashad is an Atlanta native. He grew up in Techwood Homes, the first public housing project built in America. He is a “Grady Baby” born at Henry Grady Hospital and a graduate of Henry Grady High School–where he earned a four-year scholarship to Savannah State University. After entering the workforce at United Parcel Service and working faithfully for thirteen years; he began his entrepreneurial journey by beginning a courier service titled Navigator Express Inc.; a business founded with his brother Scott. Today, as a twenty-five-year veteran of the service industry and a thirty year volunteer for various nonprofit organizations; he is the owner of three businesses and the author of three books. He is the president of one nonprofit organization and the program director of another–and he is wholly dedicated to his wife Anisa, his ten children, his ten grandchildren, and the community that he loves.

  • Tamir Hassan

    Tamir Hasan is the son of an educated man who would deliberately seek out the most troubled child in the elementary school across the street from their house; and that man would teach that child to read–for free. That seed of community volunteership was planted in Tamir Hasan, and so he has thus been involved in community building for over four decades. Tamir believes that building a community takes financial resources; and so after retiring from State Farm and running his own international e-commerce company, he set out to build a team of like-minded individuals to accomplish that mission. With a motto of “From Dust to Industry;” and with a strategic goal of building a quality and purpose-driven e-commerce business; Tamir Hasan seeks to create an industrial warehousing incubator, one that is both a manufacturing and distribution center–all to create a strategic financial base for community building.

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